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About THE event
Data Analytics: Because self-awareness is key to operating any successful business.
Get a clear view of:
  • Who and where your customers really are

  • How they become your customers

  • What your customers really want

  • What your greatest expenses are

  • What brings you the most profit


  • Where you can save time, money, or both

How will this improve your business?
  • You will stop wasting time and money on ineffective marketing and operational strategies
  • You will be able to customize your customer experience based on what your customers really want
  • You will be able to pinpoint and focus on your most profitable customers and services, and generate more revenue.
  • You will be able to delete, automate, or delegate time-consuming tasks that do not require your direct supervision - freeing you up to pursue higher-level tasks.

Getting started with A.I. requires a commitment to creating a data-centric culture, educating leaders and investing in technology. Getting A.I. ready will move us closer to the cutting edge, where many of our competitors are today.

For many businesses there are 3 things that cause us all pain, Dirty Data, Manual Processes, and Outdated Information. To address these pain points, we will develop an A.I. framework that we can use in our business and bring about massive success.

Good Data Governance requires us to collect, store, access, and analyze our data in an orderly way. Additionally, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is not a standalone software. A.I. is designed to be used as part of a well-organized system; to accomplish a set of tasks using algorithms. This allows us to use A.I. in three different areas of our business processes.

  • Data is the currency of an A.I. driven organization. 

  • A.I. Process #1 - Augmentation

  • A.I. Process #2 - Automation

  • A.I. Process #3 - Machine Learning

Business Intelligence - A simple conversation about the data collected in a business, how it is stored and accessed, and what can be done with it will lead you towards A.I. Demonstrate the ability to ride the A.I. wave, rather than be rolled over by it - which all starts with augmenting your data analytics.

Process Automation - Sometimes the most powerful function of A.I. in a business is simply automation. We have to be able to either delegate, outsource or automate every part of our business that is manual, human resource heavy and/or repetitive. Automation saves time and money, but of course can come at a human cost.

Influencing Customer Behavior – Machine Learning involves building mathematical models that A.I. will use for predictive data analytics and for learning. We then marry Machine Learning with Data Storytelling to craft narratives that drive a desired outcome from our customers. 


Participants will have a deeper understanding of A.I. terminology, including Big Data Analytics, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks, Predictive Modeling and Supervised Learning. 

Sonic Analytics presents: 

Get A.I. Ready

Start using Artificial Intelligence For Massive Success!

March 10, 2020 | 8:30AM - 4:30PM

Palm Beach Atlantic University

4001 Millenia Blvd, Orlando FL


A value-packed 1-Day Seminar that will show you the power of AI and Data Analytics in growing your Business.

Today’s economy is rapidly becoming an A.I. economy.

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The end results of attending this 1-day

training will include the following:​
  • An Assessment of your Current Analytics Maturity and a plan to level up

  • A Map of your Data Lake, including Identified Data Silos

  • Learning about the Data Families and Skills Needed for A.I.

  • A list of what manual processes you can Automate (Collection, Blending, Modeling, Analysis, etc.)

  • Tips on how to enhance your Data Visualization & Data Storytelling skills

  • Identification of the Key Customer Behavior Influencers you need to maximize business profits. 


Dan Meyer is the President and Founder of Sonic Analytics, which offers Big Data Analytics solutions like Business Intelligence, Business Dashboards, and Data Storytelling to small and medium-sized organizations looking to enhance their data-driven decision-making capabilities. With over 20 years in Big Data, Dan is one of the most sought after public speakers in Asia and has recently begun offering public training in the United States.


Dan has a Master’s degree in Education and worked as a Senior Analytics Consultant for Wells Fargo Bank for 15 years, where he provided executive management analytics for the bank's remittance service, oversaw competitive intelligence gathering, managed data analytics outsourcing projects and facilitated audit and risk management.


Most recently, Dan served as the Executive Director of the Analytics Association of the Philippines. Non-Profit advocacy for Data Science and Analytics (DSA) education and training efforts in Southeast Asia. Dan has personally trained 1,000’s of managers, analysts, young professionals, college students and has taught analytics courses at several prestigious schools in the Philippines.

  • Lunch will be served

  • Please bring your laptop and be prepared to use Excel

  • You can bring 1 Guest, just let us know in advance

  • Free Parking



When your present is clear, your future is brighter.

Make business decisions based on previous trends and future forecasting from concrete data - take the guesswork out of operating and scaling your Business.


Invest in yourself and your Business now and save thousands of dollars and years of blind trial and error by not leveraging the power of Data Analytics and A.I.

Learn these great skills and gain a clear advantage over your Competitors.


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